Estate Fitness Assessment

I have an up to date will

I have properly executed Powers of Attorney for property and personal care

In addition to my will, I understand what documents are important for the estate administration process.

I understand the value and benefits of selecting a professional executor and a professional attorney for property or personal care.

I am familiar with the various types of trusts and understand if and how they might benefit our financial situation.

We have considered how life insurance can effectively offset the potential tax liability when the estate transfer occurs and how it can also benefit charities.

I have regular and open communication with family members about my estate objectives.

I have organized all of these important documents in one secure location for convenient access when needed by me, my executor or my attorney for property

I have an Estate Plan that clearly reflects my Estate Objectives including efficient transfer of assets and tax and probate fees minimization.

I have advised my executor(s) and Attorney(s) to seek professional help in all areas, including taxation, law, investing and professional executors that can coach them and do all their legwork